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2020 Parade of Homes Best Landscaping Award

Location: Pasco, WA

This landscape design won an HBATC Best Landscaping Award in 2020.

The homeowners wanted:

  • space for entertaining

  • dramatic water features

  • a wide variety of plants, both deciduous and evergreen

  • a fire pit and hot tub near the home, but in a more private location

The main entertainment patio off of the sunroom/dining room provides ample space for anything from small gatherings to large parties. The patio boasts two large waterfalls built into a 6' tall planted mound. Native basalt stone was used to construct the waterfalls and retain the mound on the backside. A dry riverbed winds around from the front yard, drawing visitors to the main patio before terminating at the fire pit patio beyond. A nook for the hot tub was created on the backside of the waterfall mound.

Plantings around the waterfall mostly consist of a variety of flowering perennials to provide a riot of color during the growing season. A variety of grasses add texture and movement throughout the property. Evergreens are strategically placed to provide winter structure and greenery.

This was a fast-paced installation with a tight deadline and it all came together wonderfully!

This project was designed by Julie Wilson and installed by a Musser Landscaping crew under the supervision of Julie Wilson and Darin Musser.

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