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Native Plantings & Bunchgrass Hydroseed

Location: Richland, WA

"I would like to plant Columbia Basin natives, avoid using lawn grass and limit the amount of soil covered in rock," said this homeowner. You got it!


This newly-constructed home sits below the northeast side of Badger Mountain. This wonderful client grew up in the Tri-cities and is currently living on the west side. She wanted to build a home that would accommodate her aging mother (who still lives in the Tri-cities) and surround it with a landscape that represents our local desert.


One of the challenges we overcame on this project was the need to minimize water infiltration due to the presence of expanding clay soils. A landscape plan using native desert plants was the perfect fit. With a limited budget, a drip irrigation system was installed specifically for the native plant palette, bermed planting beds were created for some elevational changes, basalt boulders were added, some gravel pathways were woven in, and the rest of the property was prepared for hydroseeding in the future.


I developed a weed management plan created specifically for this property that will be followed for a season or two before hydroseeding with a native bunchgrass mix. The bare soil will remain covered with hydromulch until the native grass seed can be applied. Weeds will be controlled using a combination of manual and chemical methods and hydromulch will be reapplied as needed.

This installation occurred in late fall/early winter - the perfect time to plant Columbia Basin natives. We had a good amount of rain during and after planting, something we lacked last year at the same time. Looking forward to seeing this property develop into a beautiful tapestry of native plants!


This project was designed by Julie Wilson and installed by a Musser Landscaping crew under the supervision of Julie Wilson.

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