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Wine Tasting with Native Plants

Location: Red Mountain AVA, Benton City, WA

This 170 linear-foot planting bed filled with non-native grasses was obscuring the winery and the signage from visitors driving down Sunset Road. All of the non-native grasses and water-wasting spray irrigation were removed and replaced with over 200 native and desert-adapted plants, a new garden path, and customized drip irrigation. The native jewels that adorn the planting bed now include sagebrush, rabbitbrush, various buckwheats, purple sage, various bunchgrasses, and Munro's orange globemallow. The plants are teeny-tiny now, but they will be magnificent by the end of just one growing season.


Planting plan by Tapteal Native Plants and installed by Wild Root Landscapes with some design modifications. Demo and irrigation performed by a Musser Landscaping crew under the supervision of

Julie Wilson.

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