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what's my budget?


This can be a challenge to answer, but there is hope!

You can get a ballpark idea of what you should expect your landscaping project to cost based on a few factors:


  • Access: Are you wanting to replace your entire backyard but only have a 4' wide gate? Any wise contractor will consider the cost of creating a pathway for machinery/materials and you should too. Consider the cost to remove and reinstall a section of fence, replace lawn/plantings, or remove and reassemble a flagstone/paver walkway. On steep slopes, a temporary retaining wall may need to be installed to provide stable access for a skid steer or excavator. The cost of creating access and then fixing the landscaping afterward can range from $800 (fence section and lawn) to $5000 or more.

  • Demolition & Site Prep: For hardscape amenities like patios, there is almost always some material that needs to be removed. Lawn may need to be removed for planting bed creation. Excavation/earth moving for retaining walls. Costs usually range from $1800 to $5000 for small to medium-sized projects.

  • Utilities: Will your project require an electrician for hot tub hook up or a gas plumber for a propane fire pit? Their services can vary from $400 for a single electrical outlet to $2000 or more for a gas line connection.

Here are some common landscape amenities in the Tri-cities area. Pricing includes material and installation costs:

  • Segmental Block Walls: These vary from short free-standing walls to non-engineered retaining walls, to engineered walls of various heights. Costs range from $30 to $100 per square foot.

  • Pavers: Pavers come in a variety of shapes and colors and the combinations are endless. The benefits of pavers over concrete is that a section can be easily replaced if damaged whereas concrete cannot. Expect to pay between $18 to $25 per square foot for pavers. Less for broom-finished concrete. Stamped and stained concrete is close to the cost of pavers.

  • Propane Fire Pit: Fire pits can be solid steel, made of concrete block, or formed concrete. Add a gas line and you are likely looking at $3000 - $7000.

  • Overhead Structures: Aluminum with a wood grain look is the best low-maintenance option for our area if you are not building a structure with a shingled roof as wood has a tendency to warp and crack in our summer heat. Expect to pay $45 - $75 or more per square foot. 

  • Water Features: A bubbling rock will cost around $1800 - $5000 whereas a small pondless waterfall will start around $5000.

  • Irrigation: Costs range from $1800 to $4500 for a new system, timer to emitters. And there are always modifications to existing irrigation when planting beds are added or changed.

  • Plantings: $200 - $500 per tree and $25 - $100 for perennials and shrubs.

  • Rock Mulch: $150 - $200 per yard installed for native rock (basalt and river rock). Imported rock such as champagne rock is twice to three times the price per yard installed.

  • Fencing: Usually $20 - $50 per linear foot depending on the material chosen.

  • In-ground Pools: $60,000 and up depending on the type, size and amenities.

Remember that landscape installation is labor-intensive and often times requires machinery and other equipment. A majority of the cost is labor.

You will never know exactly how much your specific project costs until you develop a landscape design and get an estimate, but this will give you a good start!

Have more questions or you're ready for a landscape design? Go to the contact/book online page and fill out the discovery form!

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