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Below are some of my favorite resources that have stood the test of time. I would not recommend anything that I do not use myself. Full disclosure, some of these are affiliate links.


I hope these resources inspire you to do great things with your little piece of the world! 

Favorite Design Books

These are books that I come back to over and over again:

The Crevice Garden by Spriggs and Seth:


A New Garden Ethic by Vogt:


How to Build Your Own Greenhouse by Marshall:


The Edible Front Yard by Soler:


Japanese Stone Gardens by Mansfield:


Outside the Not So Big House by Messervy:


Residential Landscape Architecture by Booth and Hiss:


Planting Design for Dry Gardens by Filippi:

Favorite Native Plant Nurseries and Societies

Columbia Basin chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society:


Tapteal Native Plants


Heritage Garden Program:


Plants of the Wild:


Eriogonum (Buckwheat) Society:


North American Rock Garden Society:

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