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Curated Cacti & Rockhound Riches

Location: Benton City, WA

This couple wanted a garden they could fill with their interesting geological finds as well as curated cacti and succulents, so we got them well on there way.


We were fortunate enough to find a very large cholla at a local nursery and several large paddle cacti. The cholla was divided up and planted in various planting beds. The larger paddle cacti were distributed among the beds as well and paired with many smaller cacti from another local grower. Sedums and sempervivums provide ground-hugging greenery. The Phoenix basalt water feature by the front entry announces the presence of a special landscape. Native bunch grasses will eventually blanket the rest of this large property. Looking forward to watching this landscape mature!



This project was designed by Julie Wilson and installed by a Musser Landscaping crew under the supervision of Julie Wilson.

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