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Artist's Escape

Location: West Richland, WA

This artist wanted a colorful environment without lawn. There is so much that can be done with our local stone combined with a variety of paver materials! Movement through the landscape was created by adding a dry riverbed flanked by undulating "banks" of grasses and groundcovers. The riverbed terminates at three columns next to the paver patio that evoke a water feature without the maintenance of one. The walkways flow like the riverbed, connecting the existing concrete patio with the new paver patio and greenhouse pad at the opposite end of the yard. 

In the years after construction, the homeowner has added vibrant ceramic fish to the riverbed and tiled mosaics to the concrete block fence. What a fun and happy back yard!



This project was designed by Julie Wilson and installed by a Musser Landscaping crew under the supervision of Julie Wilson.

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